Who am I?

My name is Ryan, and I’m an avid League of Legends player. I play and follow the game regularly and love talking about it, so please please please leave comments! I started playing the game in season 3, after my brother convinced me to switch over from Heroes of Newerth, a competing MOBA. So really, as a League player, Who am I?

I reached gold ranking in my first season, with almost all of my success coming from Shaco jungle (hehe). Once the massive jungle changes in season 4 came into effect, my Shaco strategy wasn’t as effective and I was forced to look elsewhere to dominate games. This was when I found my spirit champion, Nidalee. I played lots of Nidalee mid lane before her rework, which changed her from a spear spammer into more of a jumpy assassin. The rework didn’t stop me from playing my favorite champion, and I worked hard to master her new play-style, eventually reaching diamond ranking in season 5.

I’m a jungle main now, and Nidalee is still my main character, but I’ve done a lot to broaden my champion pool. I watch LCS and streamers like Nightblue3 and imaqtpie on a regular basis in order to constantly learn more and improve.

I’ll be blogging about all things League of Legends here, from strategy and the pro scene, to personal attacks on particularly annoying champions (looking at you, Riven). So please, read and let me know all your opinions.

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