Ranked Games and your Mindset

Since this is my first post, I figured I should start with something (that at least I think) is useful for my League brethren who are struggling to climb the ranked ladder.

Grinding up in ranked┬ácan be hard, but more than that, it can be really, damn, frustrating. At times, it feels like you can’t go a game without an afk, a D/C, or at least one raging feeder that makes the game feel impossible to win. A lot of gaining ground in the coliseum of ranked has to do with your mechanics, macro-play, and overall feel for the game. However, something that many of the people I know who play this game don’t understand is that so much more of winning ranked games has to do with your mindset and communication than anything else. If you can put yourself in the right frame of mind and communicate constructively and productively with your teammates, then your chance to win that next game just went up like, 30%. Here are a few tips that apply to every rank, whether it be bronze or master, that can help you win more games.

-Remember, EVERY GAME IS ON YOU. If you lost the game, it was your fault, if you won, what could you have done better? Don’t ever blame anyone else for losing a game, and I don’t just mean don’t call them out. Understand that no matter how bad they played, you could have done more to help your team win, and if you’re communicating with them constructively, then they won’t give up on the game and will continue to play hard, even after some costly mistakes.

champ select nightmare

Situations like this (two junglers) can be easily avoided by good team communication. (Image from

-Have at least one champion that you’re comfortable on in every role (that isn’t likely to be banned). If someone on your team DEMANDS a role (you know these players), then let them have it. Giving up a role (even if it’s your favorite) is worth it to have a level-headed team that isn’t already flaming each other before getting in game.

-Try to diffuse any tension among teammates in game. A quick “don’t worry guys, we got this :)” can do a lot to ease a few angry summoners. Say whatever works for you and the situation, and don’t add to the flames.

-Make sure that you’re relaxed when going into ranked play. Sometimes I do this by playing a normal game as sort of a warm-up, then go straight into a ranked. Playing a normal doesn’t provide any stress, and it gets me into a place where I’m just playing the game. Then when I get into ranked, I just keep playing confidently. Do what works best for you, but make sure that you’re in a good place when you dive into the fray.

Having that positive mindset when you’re going into ranked play really does make a world of difference. So go to your happy place, get off my blog, and get back to grinding ranked. Diamond is closer than you think!

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